Farm Shutters

Agricultural Roller Doors

Steelroll’s agricultural roller doors have been developed to satisfy the unique requirements of the agricultural sector. We design, manufacture and install shutters which are made to measure a wide range of farm buildings. Profiles can be solid, punched or perforated to allow ventilation and light to pass through while maintaining security.

Many years of technical experience means we have designed all types of farm shutters. However unique your opening, we will be able to design a solution. All Steelroll agricultural doors are manufactured in the UK and CE marked.

Options and Benefits:

I100 industrial, Grey Finish

Large Openings

Some of our largest installations are agricultural roller doors. Our most common products measure up to 12m wide, although we can design larger.

High Speed Operation

Time is valuable, and rapid rise motors reduce waiting times. Optional remote control operation provides access from inside a vehicle.

Insulated Profiles

Foam-filled slats improve thermal efficiency. They are commonly installed on grain and crop drying/storage, and also livestock housing.

Blue V77 With Inserts Close Up

Vision & Ventilation

Increase natural light and improve air quality. Agricultural doors can be made from, or incorporate, cut-out or perforated slats.

Heavy Duty

Manufactured from highest grade materials such as solid galvanised steel, our products can withstand adverse weather conditions and heavy duty usage.

Choice of Finishes

Farm shutters don’t need to be galvanised. Ask for powder coating or a plastisol/polycoat coating to colour match existing buildings or features.

Suitable for:


Cow Sheds



Tractor Stores

Produce Stores

Food Processing Plants

Commonly Specified Products:

S76 / V76 / P76 – Cost Effective and Versatile

Budget-friendly shutters suitable for use as even the largest farm doors. Manufactured from single skin steel which is available as solid profile (S76) or with vision/ventilation openings (V76 and P76).

Key Specifications

  • 76mm slat
  • Maximum width of 12m
  • Maximum area of 72m²
  • Galvanised as standard, with optional powder coating or plastisol finish
  • Manual operation available for small openings
  • Electric operation with tubular or outboard motor
  • Multiple control options including group, remote control and mobile phone
  • Optional vision slats

i77 / i95 / i100 – Insulated with High Speed Option

These steel shutters have foam-filled profiles for improved insulation, increasing temperature control where livestock or crops are kept. Various slat sizes and security levels are available.

Key Specifications

  • 77mm, 95mm and 81mm slats
  • Maximum width of 12m
  • Maximum area of 72m²
  • Galvanised as standard, with powder coating or Polycoat or plastisol finishes available
  • Electric operation with tubular or outboard motor and high speed option
  • Multiple control options including group, remote control and mobile phone

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